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We serve client organizations like yours—corporations, non-profits, government agencies, community groups—facing real world challenges that would benefit from strategic negotiation and conflict management advice, or dispute resolution system evaluation and design. A team of our students, trained in both the theory and practice of dispute resolution, will spend a semester exercising their skills and knowledge on behalf of your organization and receive academic course credit for their work.

For a fuller listing of our clients, please see Our Projects. To find out more about working with HNMCP, visit our Becoming a Client page.

2021 Fall Projects

Accountability Counsel

Semester: 2021 Fall

Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery, Strategic Negotiation Advice

Students: Juliana Heffern, Janet Park, Mtume Sangiewa

Accountability Counsel supports communities around the world to defend their human rights and environment. Accountability Counsel regularly provides advice to, and training workshops for, communities and the local organizations that support them before and during dialogue processes facilitated by Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs). These communities are experiencing, or fear, environmental and social harm from internationally financed development… More

Mt. Washington Commission

Semester: 2021 Fall

Project Type: Consensus Building Effort

Students: Lowry Yankwich, Seorae Ko, Erin Savoie

The Mount Washington Commission (MWC) has engaged HNMCP to assist them as they seek develop a master plan that will contribute towards a shared organizational vision for MWC members, provide a better framework for the MWC to execute its other duties, and a framework for the members to work together to provide a world class visitor experience while ensuring all members’ perspectives are heard. … More

Southwest Initiative Foundation

Semester: 2021 Fall

Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery

Students: ChiChi Okoye, Visala Alagappan, Glen Ready

Project description to come . . .… More

St. Louis Mediation Project

Semester: 2021 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Samantha McCarthy and James Payne

The St. Louis Mediation Project (STLMP), a joint endeavor among Washington University Civil Rights & Mediation Clinic, US Arbitration & Mediation, and St. Louis Equal Housing & Opportunity Council, provides free mediation and counseling services to help tenants, homeowners, landlords, lenders, and courts resolve housing disputes in and out of court. In 2020, STLMP responded to… More

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

Semester: 2021 Fall

Project Type: Conflict Analysis, Stakeholder Assessment

Students: Fernanda Teodoro and Marlon Becerra

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office (SCDAO), led by DA Rachael Rollins, serves the cities and towns of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop, Massachusetts. With approximately 300 employees, including about 150 lawyers, it is among the largest and busiest district attorney’s offices in New England. SCDAO is deeply committed to principles of equity, fairness, openness,… More

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York

Semester: 2021 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Samantha Carvalho, Asiya Jaffer, Katie Chen

The Mediation Program at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York works with approximately 250 volunteer mediators to provide mediation in cases before the court. Currently, most of the mediation docket consists of civil rights cases.   The SDNY mediation program approached HNMCP to explore the viability of a presumptive mediation pilot program for commercial matters at… More