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We serve client organizations like yours—corporations, non-profits, government agencies, community groups—facing real world challenges that would benefit from strategic negotiation and conflict management advice, or dispute resolution system evaluation and design. A team of our students, trained in both the theory and practice of dispute resolution, will spend a semester exercising their skills and knowledge on behalf of your organization and receive academic course credit for their work.

For a fuller listing of our clients, please see Our Projects. To find out more about working with HNMCP, visit our Becoming a Client page.

2022 Spring Projects

Harvard Law School Restorative Justice

Semester: 2022 Spring

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Leslie Liu, Marlon Becerra, and Mtume Sangiewa

Students at Harvard Law School report that classroom conversation on thorny legal, political, and social questions can be strained, or at times hostile, or sometimes non-existent due to a fear (by faculty and students alike) that navigating deep divides in student beliefs is too fraught. Many on campus have expressed a strong desire for a… More

OraSure Technologies

Semester: 2022 Spring

Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery, Strategic Negotiation Advice

Students: Mussab Ali and Juan Felipe Wills Romero

OraSure Technologies Inc. develops and distributes medical technologies that are often used by communities that are marginalized, underserved, and stigmatized. Such technologies include innovative HIV self-testing, Hepatitis C testing, adherence testing for HIV regimens. OraSure’s technologies by their nature facilitate difficult conversations both between patients and other individuals in their lives. OraSure works with health… More

Saint Paul’s College 4LIFE

Semester: 2022 Spring

Project Type: Stakeholder Assessment

Students: Rachel Brocklehurst and Lorea Mendiguren

Saint Paul’s College was a historically Black College in Lawrenceville, VA that served the Brunswick County community from 1888 until it closed in 2013. SPC4LIFE is an organization of dedicated alumni who are working to reopen the college, with the purpose of developing and implementing innovative educational, economic, and professional programs to empower people and… More

Southwest Initiative Foundation

Semester: 2022 Spring

Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery

Students: Nicole Khamis and Aishwarya Khanna

Southwest Initiative Foundation staff has been charged to build trust with, listen to, and work alongside and with new immigrant and refugee leaders in creating systemic approaches to address issues of racial diversity, equity and inclusion. SWIF believes that being shut out of community and civic life is the most pervasive structural barrier to achieving… More

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York

Semester: 2022 Spring

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Isabel Harman and Corey Stewart

The Eastern District of New York (EDNY) is a trial-level federal court that serves Kings, Queens, Richmond, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, with courthouses located in Brooklyn and Central Islip. The EDNY Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Department administers mediation and arbitration services for civil cases filed in the EDNY.  The DSD Clinic will assist the ADR… More