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We serve client organizations like yours—corporations, non-profits, government agencies, community groups—facing real world challenges that would benefit from strategic negotiation and conflict management advice, or dispute resolution system evaluation and design. A team of our students, trained in both the theory and practice of dispute resolution, will spend a semester exercising their skills and knowledge on behalf of your organization and receive academic course credit for their work.

For a fuller listing of our clients, please see Our Projects. To find out more about working with HNMCP, visit our Becoming a Client page.

2021 Spring Projects

Accountability Counsel

Semester: 2021 Spring

Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery

Students: Christopher Pumford & Peter Musante

Accountability Counsel supports communities around the world to defend their human rights and environment, specializing in community-driven and policy-level strategies to achieve justice using non-judicial international accountability offices.  Accountability Counsel has engaged HNMCP to develop an educational toolkit to help communities prepare for dialogue processes facilitated by international accountability mechanisms (IAMs). Communities entering IAM-facilitated dispute resolution… More

American Bar Association: Approaches to Eviction Prevention

Semester: 2021 Spring

Project Type: Conflict Resolution Advice, Dispute System Evaluation, Stakeholder Assessment

Students: Daniel Nissimyan & Julian Huertas

The American Bar Association (ABA) is a voluntary bar association of lawyers and law students that is not specific to any jurisdiction in the United States. In response to the growing legal needs of Americans arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19), the ABA has created this nationwide task force of volunteer lawyers and judges from across the legal profession. This group is working to identify the legal… More

Eastern District of New York

Semester: 2021 Spring

Project Type: Dispute System Evaluation

Students: Godwin Chan & Allison Chow

The Eastern District of New York (EDNY) is a trial-level federal court that serves Kings, Queens, Richmond, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, with courthouses located in Brooklyn and Central Islip. The EDNY Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Department administers mediation and arbitration services for civil cases filed in the EDNY. The EDNY ADR Department also administers the… More

Southwest Initiative Foundation

Semester: 2021 Spring

Project Type: Curriculum Development & Delivery

Students: Laurie Ann Taylor, Patrick Maxwell, Rebekah Reed

Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF) exists to help keep southwest Minnesota strong and vibrant. With rolling prairies, the historic Minnesota River Valley and some of the richest farmland in the world, southwest Minnesota is unique. It’s home to incredible people from diverse backgrounds, including Dakota people, early Scandinavian and European immigrants, and waves of Latinx, African… More