Instructions for Completing a Project Proposal

You can find our online project proposal submission form here. Below is a listing of the information we will ask you to provide.

Your Organization: Your organization’s name.

Project Placement: Note “Fall” (early September to early December) or “Spring” (late January to early May) semester and the year

Project Type: Potential project types include: 1) Conflict Analysis; 2) Stakeholder Assessment; 3) Conflict Resolution Advice: 4) Consensus Building Effort; 5) Curriculum Development and Delivery; 6) Dispute System Evaluation; 7) Dispute System Design; 8)Mediation; 9) Strategic Negotiation Advice. We’re happy to discuss other possibilities that might fit your project more appropriately.

One-line Project Description: Choose a descriptive title for the project.

General Info: Please list the mailing address, telephone, fax and website URL for your organization.

Primary Client Contact: List here the name of the one client-supervisor the students will be working with during the project. Please include his/her address, email, and phone if different from the organization’s information.

Client Organization: Use this space to describe your organization, any particular expertise or reputation your organization may have acquired over the years that may be relevant to this project, and what kind of work (generally speaking) your organization does. Please be brief, since this is only an overview.

Project Background and Description: Use this space to explain the background of the project. How did this project arise, and why is it important for students to get involved at this stage? Give us the context we will be working with, and an idea of some of the main challenges that we will face over the course of this project.

Project Objective: 3–4 sentences on the question you are presenting to HNMCP to have answered or what you hope this project will achieve for your organization.

Preliminary Approach and Deliverables:

The project proposal includes, but may not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Please list the types of activities you expect students to be doing while working on this project;
  • Examples might include focus groups, stakeholder assessments, literature reviews, etc.

The following deliverable(s) are envisioned:

  • Please list the ‘tangible’ outputs that you imagine students might create while working on this project;
  • Examples might include the development of a training curriculum, a presentation to the board, a white paper, recommendations for improvements to an existing dispute resolution system, etc.

Resources: What resources does your organization have that might contribute towards the success of this project? Consider travel (should the project entail it), communication systems (e.g., videoconferencing capabilities), and connections to a variety of stakeholders. Include not only physical resources such as computers, desk space and/or office and printing supplies, but also time- and experince-based resources such as your willingness to brainstorm options with students, convene focus group discussions of people you already know to be stakeholders, etc

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