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We serve client organizations like yours—corporations, non-profits, government agencies, community groups—facing real world challenges that would benefit from strategic negotiation and conflict management advice, or dispute resolution system evaluation and design. A team of our students, trained in both the theory and practice of dispute resolution, will spend a semester exercising their skills and knowledge on behalf of your organization and receive academic course credit for their work.

For a fuller listing of our clients, please see Our Projects. To find out more about working with HNMCP, visit our Becoming a Client page.

2020 Fall Projects

Alternative 911

Semester: 2020 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Anna Vande Velde and William Roberts

Description to come . . .… More

ATX Hackerspace

Semester: 2020 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Zachary Manley and Joaquin Diaz

Description to come . . . .… More

New Hampshire Circuit Court

Semester: 2020 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Evaluation, Stakeholder Assessment

Students: Nicholas Urban and September McCarthy

The New Hampshire Judicial Branch has convened an interdisciplinary committee composed of representatives from all parts of the Court system. HNMCP will conduct a project to explore stakeholder experiences, approaches to, and perspectives on remote hearings and the role they may play in ensuring access to justice and serving as a dispute resolution option that courts could offer. Potential final products include recommendations, resources, and/or training materials to improve stakeholder use of and value gained from remote hearings.… More

New York Legal Assistance Group

Semester: 2020 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Priyanka Bagrodia and Andrew Case

NYLAG has engaged HNMCP to assist in reviewing its current policy and develop a process for managing grievances, including but not limited to, a process and procedure for reporting, receiving, reviewing, investigating, and responding to incidents of racial harassment and discrimination. … More

Power, Protest, and Political Change

Semester: 2020 Fall

Project Type: Conflict Analysis, Conflict Resolution Advice

Students: Brooke Davies and Daniel Oyolu

This project was developed by two students who have already taken the Dispute Systems Design Clinic and are engaging in an advanced clinical project. The students will explore the relationship between power and negotiation, particularly through the lens of how people with limited individual power organize and build a movement for political change.… More

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Semester: 2020 Fall

Project Type: Dispute System Design

Students: Fenella McCluskie and Joshua Freundel

As part of this mandate, the NRC staff has engaged HNMCP to review its existing hearing process for licensing nuclear reactors and develop proposals for a new hearing process that is tailored to efficiently meet the needs of the public, advanced reactor applicants, and other stakeholders.… More