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About HLS Now

Events of the past year at Harvard Law School, within the nation, and around the globe raise questions of law, identity, connection, belonging, alienation, and difference. Our thoughts and feelings related to these events shape how we come together (or divide) as community, nation, and world. HLS community members often desire organized, low risk fora to share and discuss their perspectives on these important moments and listen to the views of others. A new initiative from the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program called HLS Now hopes to create that space.

HLS Now is a quick response dialogue project that delivers facilitated small-group discussions for members of the Harvard Law School community in the wake of major happenings on campus, in national politics, or on the world stage. A small group of Harvard Law School students, trained by HNMCP faculty and staff, facilitate these conversations.

The Spring 2016 Pilot

In spring of 2016, HNMCP launched the pilot program of HLS Now. HNMCP Director Bob Bordone and HNMCP Associate Sam Straus provided two four-hour training sessions to a small corps of six student facilitators. This training provided participants with the theory and practice of designing small group dialogue, and the skills to effectively guide these discussions.

Now, the HLS Now team is working to identify and plan opportunities for organized dialogue. The project hopes to serve as a forum for conversation about challenging issues in the absence of direct conflict, as well as resource in the aftermath of divisive events. We welcome your reactions to and questions about this initiative, as well as your suggestions and help in convening these events.

Dialogue Events

Reactions to the Harvard Law School Shield Committee Report
Monday, March 21, 2016
7:15pm – 8:45pm
Lewis 214A

HLS Now will host its first dialogue session on reactions to the Harvard Law School Shield Committee report. This event will provide members of the HLS community an opportunity to engage in small group learning conversations, sharing their perspectives and experiences, and listening to the stories and views of others. HLS Now’s corps of trained student facilitators will guide these conversations.