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Founded in 2006, the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) is an academic program at Harvard Law School focusing on cutting edge work in dispute systems design, negotiation, mediation, facilitation, and conflict engagement. HNMCP serves as the umbrella organization for the Dispute Systems Design Clinic, several advanced courses in negotiation and conflict management, and three student organizations:  the Harvard Mediation Program, the HLS Negotiators, and the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. In addition to teaching within and beyond the classroom, our faculty actively contribute to scholarly and popular literature in the field of dispute resolution.

Across our work with students, clients, and colleagues, we seek to engage conflict as a source of value. Because we believe that systems should be informed by the people they affect, we place listening to and learning from stakeholders at the heart of our work. Informed by stakeholder perspectives, dispute systems design theory, and best practices in the field, we help build more effective and inclusive systems.

We strive to promote equity in all facets of our work, with the understanding that each individual is unique and that our commonalities and differences make for a more valuable learning environment. We believe in learning from a diversity of perspectives, across the dimensions of race, ethnicity, and national and regional origins; sex, gender identity, and sexuality; socioeconomic status, age, physical attributes and abilities; religious, political, cultural, and intellectual ideologies and practices, and others. We aspire to contribute to the necessary work of dismantling oppressive systems and creating a more just and equitable world.

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