U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Semester: 2011 Spring

Students: Laura Taylor and Vivian Choi

Since 2003, the EEOC has been promoting the use of its one-stop ADR program for the resolution of a variety of workplace disputes.

Now the EEOC would like to know if staff are using the program as much as they could be, if the program’s outreach efforts are effective, and if staff understand the program’s role. HNMCP will conduct a series of interviews and focus groups, and generate proposals for how to improve the system in line with the EEOC’s institutional priorities.

Our Work

Step 1:  Review of literature on the existing ADR system, coupled with live observations of the system in action, analysis of past records, and interviews with system administrators and users.

Step 2:  Survey of EEOC employees to generate feedback on the effectiveness of the ADR system.

Final Product

Recommendations how to improve the program’s existing processes and procedures, coupled with a proposal for how to implement any proposed innovations.

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