Tuesday’s Children

Elaine and Annie

Semester: 2010 Spring

Students: Anne Levin and Elaine Lin

In 2008, Tuesday’s Children organized a youth summer camp designed to create a community and mutual support network of young people from around the world with similarly tragic experiences as survivors of terrorist attacks.

Part of the camp was designed to teach these adolescents negotiation, communication and conflict management skills. Tuesday’s Children subsequently decided to make this an annual part of its programming, and asked HNMCP to overhaul and deliver the content for the modules on negotiation and conflict resolution, paying particular attention to the emotional and social needs of the adolescent audience.

Our work

Step 1: Conduct key informant interviews with camp alumni and Tuesday’s Children staff and other faculty.

Step 2: Develop and practice training content.

Step 3: Travel to Ireland during August 2010 to deliver the training.

Final Product

Fully developed training content, complete with teaching notes, simulations, presentation materials, and supplemental materials. Delivery of full training course during August 2010 trip to Ireland.

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