Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

Semester: 2021 Fall

Students: Fernanda Teodoro and Marlon Becerra

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office (SCDAO), led by DA Rachael Rollins, serves the cities and towns of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop, Massachusetts.

With approximately 300 employees, including about 150 lawyers, it is among the largest and busiest district attorney’s offices in New England. SCDAO is deeply committed to principles of equity, fairness, openness, and enthusiasm, and strives to keep its communities healthy and safe and to build a criminal justice system that works for everyone.

SCDAO has seen that using circles and restorative processes to address collective and individual trauma and resilience works for all who are impacted by harm. In the last calendar year alone, SCDAO’s restorative process efforts have included survivors of violence, returning citizens, and incarcerated people and students enrolled in the Boston Public Schools. SCDAO has engaged HNMCP to help SCDAO illuminate and understand the challenges and opportunities to expand restorative justice services and options within the agency and in the communities that comprise Suffolk County.

Preliminary Approaches and Deliverables:

  • interview victims, victim advocates, police, prosecutors and offenders, and understand current and past barriers to implementing restorative justice practices in Suffolk County;
  • participate in circle processes led by community partners within Suffolk County;
  • based on an assessment of need and feasibility, recommend pathways for expanding restorative justice practices within SCDAO and the communities it serves;
  • ensure that the assessment and recommendations are driven by a community informed process, review of scholarly literature, and best practices from around the country.
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