Saint Paul’s College 4LIFE

Semester: 2022 Spring

Students: Rachel Brocklehurst and Lorea Mendiguren

Saint Paul’s College was a historically Black College in Lawrenceville, VA that served the Brunswick County community from 1888 until it closed in 2013.

SPC4LIFE is an organization of dedicated alumni who are working to reopen the college, with the purpose of developing and implementing innovative educational, economic, and professional programs to empower people and improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Brunswick County, Virginia, and beyond. SPC4LIFE’s vision is ambitious and will require collaboration with many different organizations and partners. SPC4LIFE seeks the support of HNMCP’s Dispute Systems Design Clinic in preparing a stakeholder management playbook to guide its negotiation approach with the various partners with whom it will need to collaborate as it works toward realizing its vision for a renewed St. Paul’s College and revitalized community.

Students will:

  • Interview stakeholders from within the Lawrenceville, VA community, including SPC4LIFE board members, to identify their perspectives, needs, and interests in reopening St. Paul’s College;
  • Conduct research on effective negotiation strategies, particularly in multi-party, higher education, and community development contexts, among others;
  • Create a resource that offers SPC4LIFE guidance on how it might create value in its interactions with key stakeholders and partners in their effort to reopen St. Paul’s College.
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