American Red Cross

Semester: 2011 Spring

Students: Rasmus Naeye, Tian Tian, & Liz Alspector

In 2007, the American Red Cross launched a new Ombudsman’s office, which has enjoyed a steady increase in usage ever since. Today, the office is turning its attention away from the management of its initial growth towards the development of a more strategic and long-term growth plan, with an emphasis on building the practice, scope, and quality of the program.

The Ombudsman has asked HNMCP to research what different stakeholders at the American Red Cross need and expect from the Ombuds’ office, and subsequently how the office can systematically measure whether it is meeting those expectations. Our students will first survey stakeholder expectations of the Ombuds’ office, and then translate these expectations into concrete quantitative metrics that the Ombudsman might use to measure the progress of his operations.

Our Work

Step 1:  Interviews with various stakeholder representatives at the American Red Cross about the knowledge and expectations they have of the Ombudsman’s Office.

Step 2:  Formulation of potential metrics of success, reflecting stakeholder expectations of the Ombudsman’s Office.

Final Product

A final report summarizing the research and presenting the proposed metrics, combined with an action plan for improving data-driven self-evaluation within the Office.

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