Dispute Systems Design Clinic Info Session for HLS Students

This information session brought together current Dispute Systems Design Clinic students—to talk about the skills they’ve harvested from working with real-world clients through the clinic—as well as alums, who reflect on how their clinic experience helped them discern and inform their professional path and work in the world. This info session was held for Harvard Law School students in April of 2021, as they prepare to register for clinics. The DSD Clinic is an academic program for students enrolled full-time at Harvard Law School only.*

Click here for more information about being a student in the Dispute Systems Design Clinic, or our variety of advanced course offerings in negotiation and facilitation.

Click here for more information about becoming a client of the Dispute Systems Design Clinic.

*Students from other Harvard schools, Tufts Fletcher School, and MIT, are welcome to apply for cross registration. Please email us at hnmcp[at]law[dot]harvard[edu] for more information. 


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