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Sharing What Divides Us

The first time that Ahmad was discriminated against at his local job center in Berlin, the official working there called him a “donkey.” The second time, the same official told him he should have his “brain checked out.” The third time, Ahmad was denied information before being thrown out of the office. After the sixth time, Ahmad stopped going to the job center. Instead, he withdrew into his room, stayed inside and disengaged with anyone from the outside world.

On Being Curious

by Adriel Borshansky ’15   I parked my car outside of Buchenwald concentration camp late in the afternoon and took a deep breath. This time, having already visited Dachau, I was more ready to actually absorb historical information about the atrocities that occurred in this space. I opened up the audio guide that I had …

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Why I Will Take a Trump Supporter to Coffee

I began to rethink my own involvement during this administration. I will not stop going to protests, or writing letters to senators, but I will also turn the other cheek and, engage with those who cause me outrage. The centerpiece of the average Trump supporter’s belief is an inability to empathize deeply with the plight of others. I will engage genuinely and openly with those who make my face flush – and that will be my resistance.

Finding Your Voice: What is Your “Call”?

  by Robert C. Bordone    The present moment is one of deep uncertainty and fear for many in our local Harvard Law School community and in the nation and world-at-large. There is, of course, the palpable fear that students of color, immigrant students, LGBTQ students, and Muslim students face as the tides of xenophobia …

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