Semester: 2014 Fall

Students: Whitney Benns, Angela Chan, and Yaseen Eldik

Kids4Peace (K4P) is a global youth movement that works to end conflict and inspire hope in divided societies around the world.

Founded in Jerusalem in 2002, Kids4Peace provides a six-year program of interfaith dialogue, leadership development and nonviolent action through a network of eight local chapters in North America and a branch office in Jerusalem.

K4P serves more than 200 youth per year (age 12-18) from Jewish, Christian & Muslim families in the United States, Canada and the Jerusalem area (including neighboring parts of the West Bank), preparing diverse groups of youth to resist violence, influence their communities toward peace, and work together for lasting change.

Challenges sometimes occur in the planning and on-site implementation of international summer camps, with staff from both Jerusalem and America. Students from HNMCP will work to develop K4P’s internal dispute resolution capacity to support its mission to build interfaith communities.

The project proposal includes, but may not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Assess strengths and challenges in Kids4Peace’s current practice of communication, collaboration and dispute resolution, through interviews with program leaders in the USA and Jerusalem;
  • Explore best practices from other global nonprofits;
  • Evaluate Kids4Peace’s restructuring proposals, in light of this assessment;
  • Develop strategies for improved communication, collaboration and dispute resolution practices, focusing on the pre-camp, on-site, and post-camp interactions between Jerusalem & North American program leaders.

The following deliverable(s) are envisioned:

  • A proposed protocol for improved communication, collaboration and dispute resolution practices in Kids4Peace programs, including pre-camp, on-site, and post-camp;
  • A one-day training workshop for key staff & volunteer leaders.
K4P Final Presentation
K4P Final Presentation




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