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Semester: 2022 Fall

Students: Steven Yaghoubi & Jules Miranda

Clubhouse is an audio-first community platform. Users are able to follow clubs of interest (based on topics) and then join live rooms that moderators create. In these rooms, users can either listen to the conversation that is taking place between speakers or raise their hands and be allowed to join the dialogue.

Clubhouse is in the early stages of designing private, invite-only “Houses” where friends and friends-of-friends can gather and chat. This clinical project will evaluate Clubhouse’s current policy posture on conflict management within Houses, taking into consideration user expectations for content moderation and enforcement in such environments.  The project will explore the expectations that users in private and/or semi-private spaces have for freedom of expression and privacy, and how they may react to imposition of use-restrictions for violations of Terms of Service. Through this project, Clubhouse seeks to understand the potential risks, pitfalls, and concerns that could arise from their current posture for Houses.

Students will:

  • Interview Clubhouse users and other stakeholders; 
  • Conduct research on online dispute resolution best practices and case studies, online content moderation, and DSD theory;
  • Prepare a report of findings and recommendations for the Head of Policy at Clubhouse;
  • Present the findings and recommendations to Head of Policy and other Clubhouse executives. 
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