Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation

Semester: 2008 Spring

Students: Rene Pfromm & Ines Wu

The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation is dedicated to preventing genocide and its recurrence worldwide through the creation of an international network of mid-level diplomats who are knowledgeable about the causes, dynamics and consequences of genocide, and who collaborate on how to address it.

This year, the center will launch a week-long workshop for mid-level government career personnel from around the world to study the cases and possible responses to genocide. The course organizers have set aside one day of the course to cover the ways in which negotiation and conflict resolution skills can be useful in preventing genocide. HNMCP is working to develop this component of the workshop.

Our work

Step 1: Conduct a thorough literature review taking into consideration the gravity of the subject matter. Any negotiation training for this course would have to cover not only the basics of interest-based negotiation, but also the complicated ethical and tactical questions raised when negotiating in the face of ‘evil.’

Step 2: Develop context-specific simulations (one or two) and training content (presentation slides, etc.).

Step 3: Give a mock training at HLS.

Final Product

Stand-alone curriculum, complete with appropriate reference materials and simulations, and presentation of this material in May, 2008 in Auschwitz, Poland.

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