Convergence, Ep8: Stephen León Kane—Public Service in Everyday Life & Tech’s Impact in Law

In EP8, host Oladeji Tiamiyu speaks with Stephen León Kane about the ways public service has manifested in his life, solutions his legal tech company is designed to provide, and the value proposition of online dispute resolution for the foreseeable future.

“Convergence” is a bi-weekly, limited series of conversations with thought-leaders and practitioners at the intersection of dispute resolution and technology. Host Oladeji Tiamiyu will focus on such topics as the role technology has had in resolving disputes during the pandemic, various ways  technological tools have historically been incorporated into dispute resolution, and creative use cases that technology presents for resolving disputes into the future.


Oladeji Tiamiyu


Stephen León Kane is Founder and CEO at FairClaims, one of the leading platforms allowing parties to resolve legal disputes online with enforceable results. He also serves on the advisory board of Marketplace Risk, a comprehensive source of education and information-sharing for gig economy startups to learn risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy necessary to launch, grow and exit successfully. He was one of Lex Machina’s first sales hires before the company was acquired by Lexis Nexis. Kane also founded GRID110, an economic development organization committed to growing the start up ecosystem in downtown Los Angeles.



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