Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Convergence, Ep7: Memme Onwudiwe – AI Use Case & Contracts as Data

In EP7, host Oladeji Tiamiyu speaks with Memme Onwudiwe about his company’s use of artificial intelligence in preventative dispute resolution and contract management.

“Convergence” is a bi-weekly, limited series of conversations with thought-leaders and practitioners at the intersection of dispute resolution and technology. Host Oladeji Tiamiyu will focus on such topics as the role technology has had in resolving disputes during the pandemic, various ways  technological tools have historically been incorporated into dispute resolution, and creative use cases that technology presents for resolving disputes into the future.


Oladeji Tiamiyu


Memme Onwudiwe is part of the founding team at Evisort, Inc., a legal-tech start-up using artificial intelligence in contract management. Evisort grew out of Harvard’s Innovation Lab, and serves a wide variety of customers, including Microsoft and BNY Mellon. He currently serves as Evisort’s Executive Vice President of Legal and Business Intelligence, working with clients to ensure that Evisort’s AI solutions solve their core business problems. Memme founded and chaired Harvard’s legal technology Symposium, an annual conference focused on addressing challenges and opportunities in legal tech. Memme also serves as a board advisor to the Innovation Law Club Africa (ILCA).


“Africa and the Artemis Accords: A Review of Space Regulations and Strategy for African Capacity Building in the New Space Economy” by Memme Onwudiwe and Kwame Newton

“Human Contract Review Behind AI Might Jeopardize Your License,” an article by Evisort CEO’s, Jerry Ting, on the risks of sending contracts to India

“Contract Analytics: Unlocking the Power of Your Contract Data with AI,” an article about Evisort’s approach to Contract Intelligence

Adobe-Evisort business case study

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