2014 Spring


WestJet is a company of more than 9,000 employees flying one of the youngest fleets of Boeing 737s to over 80 destinations. Although WestJet employees are not unionized, the organization conducts interest-based bargaining with several of its work groups to collaboratively determine working conditions and wages. HNMCP students will conduct a stakeholder analysis of both a previous and an upcoming negotiation, suggest areas where interests conflict and overlap, and make recommendations on negotiation substance, process, and information flow.

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U.S. Department of State

A complex framework of legally binding treaties and less formal agreements governs water sharing and use in Central Asia. The Department of State hopes to facilitate dialogue among the region’s stakeholders. HNMCP students will examine legal and non-binding frameworks governing water use in the region, review and recommend best practices, and recommend strategies towards a facilitated dialogue to address cooperation, mutual learning and coordinated action to build sustained legal relationships amongst stakeholders.

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Tuesday’s Children

In 2008, Tuesday’s Children—an organization created to promote healing for those directly affected by September 11th—founded Project COMMON BOND (PCB) to bring together teens from around the world who share a “common bond” of family loss in an act of terrorism, violent extremism, or war. As PCB enters of period of mission review, it looks to address the fact that it has not experienced supportive integration into Tuesday’s Children. HNMCP will conduct a stakeholder analysis, make recommendations, and possibly facilitate a consensus building process to help both organizations move forward in a productive way.

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Renmin University Law School

HNMCP, Harvard Project on Disability, and the Renmin University Disability Law Clinic in Beijing continue a relationship that began in the spring of 2012. In this current project, the HNMCP team will examine how stakeholders involved in the education of students with disabilities can better manage disputes in this area and problem solve around specific issues related to education access. They will conduct a stakeholder assessment and conflict analysis, leading to the development of a consensus building curriculum and report.

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Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship (PF) partners with the local church and nonprofit organizations to meet the spiritual, physical, and personal needs of prisoners and their families. PF is launching a Wardens Program designed to help prison managers become transformational leaders in the moral rehabilitation of inmates. PF has asked HNMCP to help it develop a consensus building process for wardens and other stakeholders in the reform of prison culture (e.g. legislators, Directors of Corrections, Governor’s offices, inmates and the public).

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) is one of the nation’s preeminent academic medical centers. It has adopted the Communication, Apology, and Resolution (CARe) approach to resolving adverse medical events. HNMCP will assess how well patients are represented in this process and suggest various options for ideal models of representation.

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