2011 Spring

Regional Court of Sofia

The Regional Court of Sofia is the largest and busiest court in Bulgaria. In 2009, the Court launched an effort to develop a court-annexed mediation program that will help alleviate the court’s backlog. While the program is now up and running, there is concern about how to assure the quality and professionalism of the mediators.

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First Unitarian Society in Newton

This project will partner HNMCP students with a local Unitarian Universalist congregation to design a new conflict management system for the congregation. The First Unitarian Society in Newton (FUSN) has a proud history of serving the spiritual needs of approximately 600 individuals in Newton, MA. Despite FUSN’s emphasis on creating a spiritually nurturing and socially

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American Red Cross

In 2007, the American Red Cross launched a new Ombudsman’s office, which has enjoyed a steady increase in usage ever since. Today, the office is turning its attention away from the management of its initial growth towards the development of a more strategic and long-term growth plan, with an emphasis on building the practice, scope,

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