Podcast Launch

The Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) at Harvard Law School is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast series called Thanks for Listening.

We are pleased to announce that the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program has been awarded a grant to fund a new podcast series called Thanks for Listening, which will launch in November 2018.

This podcast will spotlight efforts to bridge the political divide in the U.S. through dialogue and collaborative processes, profiling the important and often courageous work of individuals and organizations who are helping citizens engage with one another on challenging topics. Episodes will dive deep into such issues as: managing difficult family dynamics and relationships affected by partisan differences; bridging the divides in Congress, the media, and in our social media spaces; training youth to move through conflict and toward civic responsibility; embracing dialogue in the face of extremism; engaging with others on highly emotional issues; and on working to restore divided communities. We hope that through the everyday examples of ordinary and extraordinary people all over the country, listeners will find optimism that we can—and are—moving beyond partisan divides, as well as inspiration to become part of the solution.

Keep your eyes out on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter for a link!

Thanks for Listening is made possible by the generous funding of the American Arbitration Association International Centre for Dispute Resolution Foundation.

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