Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Save the Dates for a New, Interactive Symposium: “Rethinking Systems Design for Racial Justice & Equity”

Working agendas as they become available:


Stanford Law School: February 25

Participants include:

Moritz College of Law: March 11

  • Selena Cozart‘s (Cozart Consulting, Inc.) forthcoming article “I don’t want any of that neutrality” and other lessons from mediating race and equity (co-authored with Frank Dukes)
  • Kristen Blankley‘s (Nebraska College of Law) forthcoming article focused on facilitating race-focused conversations in non-diverse communities

Race & Policing: Design Intervention

This session will highlight two initiatives which imbed dispute resolution concepts in urban law enforcement training and will feature comments from former law enforcement leaders. Featured participants include:

Framing Justice: Conversation with John Powell, Director of the UC Berkeley Othering & Belonging Institute

Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation in Action

This facilitated conversation will feature illustrations of truth, justice, and reconciliation efforts in action.

  • Rose M. Brewer (University of Minnesota) will discuss her engagement in Minneapolis’ Truth and Reconciliation Workgroup.
  • Juanita Freeman (Judge, Minnesota Judicial Branch) will discuss her engagement in ongoing efforts with Mitchell-Hamline’s Truth & Action Project.

Reflections on Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation

This facilitated conversation will feature reflections on key concepts connected to truth, justice, and reconciliation.

  • Sooyeon Kang (OSU) will provide reflections connected to her forthcoming work Constructing Community Cohesion Organically and Strategically
  • Nancy Rogers (OSU) will provide reflections connected to her forthcoming work on framing (co-authored with Sarah Cole and Grande Lum)
  • Amy J. Schmitz (OSU) and Oladeji Tiamiyu (HNMCP) will provide reflections connected to their forthcoming article Technology-Driven Racial Reconciliation (co-authored with Colin Rule)

Harvard Law School: April 8

Participants include:


Additional support for this event series is provided by 

  • Moritz College of Law Dean Lincoln Davies
  • The JAMS Foundation
Image on homepage accompanying this article: “March for Racial Justice” by Miki Jourdan (no changes made, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)