Roger Fisher (1922-2012)

“Peace is not a piece of paper, but a way of dealing with
conflict when it arises.”
~Roger Fisher


“Today we mourn the loss of Professor Roger Fisher, the founder of the Program on Negotiation, who was inspiration for the work of our field, and for me personally in founding HNMCP.

Roger was a great man, someone with deep insight into human behavior, and someone with deep empathy. He believed in the possibility that conflicts could be resolved without resort to violence. This is a sad day for our field and for all of us who have been involved in negotiation activities at Harvard. There will be a memorial for Roger on October 27 at 11:00 am in Appleton Chapel on the campus of Harvard University.”

– Prof. Robert C. Bordone


For more information on the life and work of Roger Fisher, please see the memorial on the Harvard Law School News page. Other tributes can be found in the Harvard Gazette, The Economist, the  New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Radio Boston. A 2010 interview with Prof. Fisher can be seen on the Mediate website here, and access to many other articles and interviews with him can be found on that site here.

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