HNMCP publishes a second guide in the “From the Field” series

HNMCP is excited to launch the second publication in our “From the Field” guide series: “From the Field: A Restorative Justice Guide.”  

The Restorative Justice Guide, written by Clinical Instructor and Lecturer on Law Deanna Pantín Parrish, brings together learnings and insights that have emerged from our projects in the Dispute Systems Design Clinic, as well as symposia organized by the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. The insights gathered in this guide are useful for multiple audiences, including experienced practitioners of restorative justice, academics who focus on conflict management processes, and others—teachers, managers, organizers, activists—who are interested in exploring the possibility of integrating restorative justice practices into their work. 

The From the Field Guide series brings together learnings and insights from the Harvard Law School’s Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) since its founding in 2006. The content of each of these guides reflects themes that have recurred across projects in a particular arena of dispute resolution and includes prescriptive advice drawing on the recommendations our students have provided based on best practices from the field. We hope that this series can be useful to experienced practitioners in the field, academics who study dispute resolution systems, and leaders within organizations seeking to strengthen their mechanisms for conflict engagement. 

This guide is freely accessible on our website and we believe will be of great interest to you given your work.1 Please feel free to share it with colleagues and members of your organization. 

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