Roger Fisher and Frank E.A. Sander Prize – Winning Papers

‘Grand Old Men’ and Game Theorists: A Sociology of Indian Arbitration by Isha Jain, LL.M. ’20
The Harmful Effects of Unenforceable Contract Terms: Experimental Evidence by Meirav Furth-Matzkin SJD ’19
Artificial Negotiators by Evan King ’18
Emergency Arbitration in E. A. Sander Prize Investment Treaty Disputes by Kyongwha Chung LLM ’16
Decoding the Market’s Reaction to Settlement Announcements by Emily Cole Groden ’15
Examining the Effects of the Uniform Mediation Act by Cory Liu ’15
Compliance with the Law Under Religion Based Normative Conflicts by Netta Barak-Corren
Resolving Cultural Property Disputes in the Shadow of the Law by Grant Strother ’12
The Future of Collective Redress in Europe: Where We Are and How to Move Forward by Jessica Beess und Chrostin ’13
Formalizing Legal Reputation Markets by Jamison Davis ’11
Fighting With Faith: The Role of Religion in Dealing with Modern Conflict by Sean McDonnell ’09
The Democratic Party Primary Process: Can Dispute System Design Principles Provide Hope for Reform? by Shannon Delahaye ’08
Transitional Justice is an Exercise in Dispute System Design by Jennifer Bunting-Graden ’07—

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