Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Negotiators Go to Greece

By Alexis Beveridge ’13

Rebecca Liu ’14, Alexis Beveridge ’13 and Adam Derry ’13 

At the beginning of April Harvard Law School student practice organization The Negotiators sent members Rebecca Liu ’14, Adam Derry ’13, and myself  to Athens, Greece, to participate in The Negotiation Challenge, a competition open to graduate students from all over the globe. There were nineteen teams in total, including teams from Iceland, France, Serbia, Germany, Russia, and India. Our Harvard team was one of only three teams from the United States.

The competition occurred in four rounds, which led to a final negotiation. Part of the challenge was that each round involved a different focus. Some were scored on value creation, while others highlighted value distribution or relationship building. Another exciting part of The Negotiation Challenge was the location of each round; the rounds were held at various Athenian locations relevant to the substance of each simulation. For example, the simulation in which we negotiated the sale of a fleet of ships was held on a ship!


Our Negotiators team enjoyed meeting students from all over the world, experiencing Athens, and exercising our negotiation skills in a competitive setting. After three years of building those skills, I can’t imagine a better way to have concluded my time at HLS.