Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Spring 2017 Projects


Our Spring ’17 projects allowed us to: assist the Supreme Court of the Phillippines to evaluate a pilot of two new Civil Procedure rules on pre-trial conferences; help design a dispute system to support Boston’s Office of Housing Stability in resolving housing-related conflicts; consult with a restorative justice organization to develop a process for incarcerated individuals to apologize to those hurt by their actions while minimizing the risk of harm; continue a project with an Ombuds department to deepen their impact on public education; conduct a stakeholder assessment and facilitate a joint-visioning process for a consensus-building organization; and design a conflict analysis framework for an international peace organization.

Two womenThe Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation Philippines engaged HNMCP to provide an objective and holistic report on the efficacy of two new possible civil procedure rules on Pre-Trial Conferences and Trials and their potential to fast-track resolution on large backlog of civil litigation in the Philippines.

Two women and a manCity of Boston Neighborhood Development, Office of Housing Stability

The Office of Housing Stability (OHS), within the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development, engaged HNMCP to design a dispute resolution program for housing-related conflicts to help prevent displacement and stabilize households and communities.

A man and a womanCommunity Conferencing Center

The Community Conferencing Center (CCC) provides a space for dialogue and healing by bringing together individuals involved in serious crime with those harmed by their actions. The CCC invited HNMCP to work with them to develop a system that can address the needs of both parties—one that would allow incarcerated individuals to connect with victims to assist in their own healing and growth without retriggering harm in the process.

A man and a womanThe District of Columbia’s Ombuds for Public Education

The District of Columbia Office of the Ombudsman for Public Education works to ensure equal access to education for 88,000 students by helping them and their families resolve school-related questions, concerns, or complaints. The Office continued its Fall 2016 work with HNMCP to assess the effectiveness of its ombudsman program and make recommendations for improvement in how it handles special education cases.

Two menThe Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration

The Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration (MOPC) is the Program Administrator of the Community Mediation Center Grant Program and provides state operational funding to qualified community mediation centers in Massachusetts. MOPC engaged HNMCP to conduct a stakeholder assessment to evaluate the state of community mediation in the Commonwealth and to assist MOPC—together with the centers it supports—to plan for the future. HNMCP designed and executed a retreat to enable the centers and MOPC to articulate a joint vision for community mediation in Massachusetts.

Two women and a manPublic International Law and Policy Group

The Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, operates as a non-profit, global pro bono law firm with a proven record of providing expert guidance to parties engaged in the peace process. PILPG engaged HNMCP to create a conflict-analysis framework to enable PILPG and its clients to better understand the actors involved a particular conflict, the relationships between these actors, and the interests of parties to negotiations.