Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring 2013 Projects

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates/Atrius Health

The purpose of this project was to partner with Atrius Health’s Leadership Development Program to design an effective curriculum and support system for clinical leaders. The curriculum trains leaders to have “difficult conversations” with physicians and staff around accountability and performance metrics to reach strategic goals of 1) improving the health of populations, 2) improving the patient experiences, and 3) controlling costs.

Read more here about the Vanguard/Atrius project.

Massachusetts Division of Banks

The Massachusetts Division of Banks is a regulatory agency ensuring a sound, competitive, and accessible banking and financial services environment. It can issue cease-and-desist orders and revoke licenses to entities it deems to be operating outside the bounds of consumer protection laws. HNMCP conducted a review of its current administrative appeals and adjudicatory hearings processes, researched best practices for administrative hearings, and made recommendations on a strong dispute system design.

Read more here about the MA Division of Banks project.

Peru Ministry of Economy and Finance

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru (MEFP) manages the State Coordination and Response System for International Investment Disputes. The last decade has seen a considerable increase in the flow of foreign direct investment in Peru and, as a result, a sharp rise in the number of cases requiring investor-State arbitration. The objective of this project was to assess the dispute prevention mechanism currently being implemented by the MEFP.

Read more here about the PMEF project.


Modria is a leading online dispute resolution services and technology. HNMCP partnered with Modria to focus on the design of an online consumer arbitration system that provides all the elements required by law while being both fair and affordable for end users.

Read more here about our second project with Modria.com.



HNMCP’s project with TBWA focused on resolving conflicts arising in an inter-generational workforce. Methods for communicating, executing work assignments, expectations, autonomy, inclusion, and multitasking are built on cultural values and beliefs, which are shifting as millennials enter the workforce. HNMCP students highlighted these generational value differences and proposed common ground from which the workplace could resolve inter-generational conflicts.

Read more here about the TBWA project.

U.S. Office of Special Counsel

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency. OSC has increased its emphasis on the use of mediation for Prohibited Personnel Practice (PPP) and Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) cases. Following on a previous project with OSC, this spring HNMCP students examined issues of evaluation, ADR convening and preparation, confidentiality, settlement agreements, and stakeholders needs in the mediation process.

Read more here about the US OSC project.