Sunday, January 17, 2010

Solving Problems and Conducting Research

By Alykhan Shivji ‘11 and Christine Rizk ‘11


Harvard Negotiators (HN) continues to help individuals and organizations solve problems and conduct research.  Recently, the HN Consulting Project worked with the Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Club to conduct a salary negotiation workshop for fifty business students, many of whom were in the process of negotiating the salaries they would receive upon graduation.  In addition, the Undergraduate Consulting Project helped the HLS Brazilian Student Association negotiate with the Rockefeller Center to fund two projects, including the screening of a Brazilian movie and a charity concert to finance a community library in an underprivileged region in Brazil.  Meanwhile, HN’s Freedom Project team has continued its work on a negotiation and communication curriculum to empower youths in the Mississippi Delta region.

After nearly a year of hard work, HN hosted the 2010 Regional ABA Negotiation Competition this fall.   Sixteen teams from New England law schools participated in the competition.  The competition went off without a hitch, and participants, coaches and judges congratulated HN for its superb planning, organization, and hard work.  This fall, HN has also been interviewing negotiation professionals as it works towards publishing a career guide that will provide simple, practical advice on how individuals can get involved in the field of negotiation.