Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Publications & Presentations

Woman talking at front of room

On a referral from HNMCP client Perkins School for the Blind, Rachel Krol presented in the leadership track at the May 5 Annual Conference for MAAPS, the Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Special Education Schools, dedicated to providing educational programs and services to students with special needs. The interactive workshop, “Designing a Conflict Resilient Workplace,” helped school leaders examine conflict in their organizations and think about ways they could engage their faculty, staff, students, and families in proactively managing workplace differences in an efficient and effective manner.


Rachel Viscomi ′01, Neil McGaraghan, and HNMCP alumnus Toby Berkman ′10 delivered a presentation on political dialogue at the 2017 NEACR Biennial Conference in Waltham, Massachusetts on September 8, 2017. The topic of the conference was, “Against the Grain: Conflict Resolution in Challenging Times” and the title of their opening talk was, “Dialogue Through Difference: Expanding the Legal Skill Set”.

In their presentation, Viscomi and McGaraghan, who jointly spearhead HNMCP’s project on political dialogue, emphasized the importance of complementing traditional legal skills like argumentation and advocacy. Moving towards conflict, enhancing capacity to sit with discomfort, and letting go of the need to control or fix a problem are skills as important to traditional lawyering as they are to dialogue. The team from HNMCP shared key insights that they have gained from “The Lawyer as Facilitator” workshop and other dialogue and facilitation opportunities that HNMCP has offered to students and community members in recent years. Berkman discussed his experiences applying dialogue and facilitation skills in real-life situations, both in his work at the Consensus Building Institute and in his capacity as a facilitator for the Police-Community Dialogue video resource, which HNMCP published in the spring of 2017.