Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ports Foreign and Domestic


Four of the six project teams this spring semester presented their final reports to their clients in person.

Team Episcopal presented to the Bishop and priests of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts at their annual retreat on Cape Cod. They shared recommendations for leading facilitated dialogues throughout the parish around health insurance concerns for clergy and staff, and led a mock dialogue at the retreat to demonstrate the skills.


Team presented in New York to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Their report included high-level recommendations for designing online dispute resolution systems for cross-border disputes.





Team OSC presented to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel in Washington, D.C., giving recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of the OSC’s ADR program and offering creative options for future growth and development of the program to meet identified goals.



Team Renmin presented bi-lingual negotiation skills and consensus building curriculum for Renmin University’s Disability Law Clinic in Beijing to lawyers and NGO staff working in China’s disability area. Renmin’s DLC is run by Alonzo Emery ’10, an alumni of HNMCP himself. (This description of the presentation is based on the original project description for the website. Please edit to reflect the actual end product.)