Friday, January 25, 2013

On the Road

On the Road is a new column that reflects the various ways in which the HNMCP staff is engaging with the field of alternative dispute resolution outside of the classroom and clinical project.


In mid-October, Clinic Director Robert Bordone ‘97 presented to the annual conference of the International Academy of Mediators.  His talk, entitled “Building the Mediator’s Toolkit: Skills of Diagnosis and Design” attracted more than 100 participants and a lively question-and-answer session following the event. Other speakers at the conference included Harvard Law School Professor Robert H. Mnookin ‘68, Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School Professor Guhan Subramanian ‘98, Harvard Law School Lecturer Sheila Heen ‘93, Columbia Law School Professor Carol Liebman, Brandeis University Professor Alain Lempereur ‘95, and current HNMCP client Colin Rule.

Jeremy McClane ‘‘02 was invited for a second year to present at the American Bar Association International Law Section‘s annual fall meeting. Jeremy facilitated two sessions dealing with cross-cultural negotiation in international dealmaking. The two presentations were attended by over 100 participants, and included both a talk and a panel discussion with senior international lawyers from different jurisdictions around the world.

Heather Scheiwe Kulp, HNMCP’s new Clinical Fellow, presented on a panel entitled “Looking Forward: Lessons Learned from the Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis” at the November 2012 Arkansas Law Review Symposium, held at the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville. Prior to joining HNMCP, Heather worked with courts and government agencies to design, implement, and improve foreclosure dispute resolution programs. From that work, she developed foreclosure dispute system design best practices, which she presented at the symposium.

This fall, HNMCP staff presented the second semester of our lunchtime discussion series Negotiation in the News. The series is intended to convene a space where the application of theories in Getting to Yes and taught to students in the “Negotiation Workshop,” the “Multiparty Negotiation Workshop” and the “Dispute Systems Design” seminar could be applied to real life, current news events. Director Bob Bordone ‘97kicked off the series in September with “Red Lines: Can They Work in the Iran Nuclear Weapons Stalemate?” Assistant Director Rory Van Loo ‘07 and Clinical Instructor Chad Carr ‘06 followed up in October with brown bag lunch sessions titled, respectively, “American Express, Big Banks, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Balancing Negotiation with Prosecution” and “Stalled Negotiations: Harvard University and the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers.” Clinical Instructor Jeremy McClane ‘02 rounded out the fall semester with “Negotiating a Ceasefire in Syria.” The second semester of this series saw an increase in attendance and participation and helped refine the goals and format for this series in the coming spring semester.