Friday, April 21, 2017

On the Road

HNMCP Director Prof. Bob Bordone and HNMCP Asst. Director Rachel Viscomi at the United State of Women Summit

Bob Bordone and Rachel Viscomi

HNMCP Director Prof. Bob Bordone and Asst. Director Rachel Viscomi traveled to San Francisco in April for the ABA Dispute Resolution Section Conference. They were joined by HLS alums Toby Berkman ’10 and Danielle Bart ’13, both HNMCP students during their law school tenures, for a presentation on the political dialogue initiative that Prof. Bordone has been cultivating for several years. The presentation ended with highlights from HNMCP’s newest pedagogical offering, the Police-Community Dialogue video.

Rachel Viscomi was also part of a panel presentation to clinical instructors across HLS clinics in early April on using simulations as part of pedagogy. She stressed the importance of simulations as skills-building spaces—where students could practice out loud how different kinds of language lands, take risks in their skills without worry about actual clients, and “unlearn” many of the assumptions they brought with them to law school. HNMCP expends a good deal of time and thought to crafting simulations that present students with various challenges around honing specific skills, and released three new simulations since this fall.

Bob Bordone was invited, for the four year, to give a “Last Lecture” to the graduating class of 2017. The Last Lecture series is an opportunity for selected faculty members to impart final words of wisdom to the graduating class. This lecture will be on the HLS YouTube channel soon.

Sara del Nido Budish

Sara del Nido Budish

HNMCP Clinical Instructor Sara Budish ’13 and former Clinic student Carson Wheet ’16 presented at the Police Union Leadership Seminar in April. 90 leaders of police unions across North America were in attendance. Budish and Wheet reported out to the group on HNMCP’s Fall 2015 project with the Everett, Massachusetts Police Department and the mediation program set up between the Boston Police Department and the Harvard Mediation Program.

Adriel BorshanskyHNMCP Clinical Fellow Adriel Borshansky HDS ’16 presented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “MIT Day of Action” in April with MIT Professor Emeritus Robert McKersie and MIT Chief of Police John DiFava. Borshansky presented a part of HNMCP’s soon-to-be-released Police-Community Dialogue video and facilitated a conversation on possible facilitation moves that might work in such a dialogue. DiFava proposed some changes that need to happen within law enforcement and the trio facilitated a discussion on the national conversation currently taking place on policing writ large.