Friday, March 13, 2015

New HNMCP Blogging Adventures

In 2014 HNMCP began a blog experiment on our regular website. With posts such as “A Prescription for Better Communication,” “Preparing Future Generations to Negotiate the US-China Relationship,” “Pope Francis: The Great Negotiator,” and “Giving Thanks for (Facilitation) Students,” we found ourselves really taking to this new-for-us outlet to reflect on all things dispute resolution related. As a result, we shifted our blog to an external site,

In response to events in our country this fall, we recently launched a blog-within-our-blog, “Dialogue & Demonstration.” This series features students, faculty, and staff who work in negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution spaces as they share reflections about the role of alternative dispute resolution during times of activism and social change. Many of these entries raise important questions both for the field and for the authors as they navigate questions of identity, purpose, and role.

Our initial series features Deanna Parrish ’16, Ariel Eckblad ’16, Lisa Dicker ’17, Caroline Sacerdote ’15 and Jennifer John ’15, as well as an introductory piece by HNMCP Director Bob Bordone. This series is meant to be a forum for engaging in robust, forward-looking conversations that are significant for the alternative dispute resolution field and for our country. We will continue to add posts and we welcome and invite comments and submissions.