Sunday, July 3, 2011

HNMCP teams up with WilmerHale on new pedagogical tool

Prof. Robert Bordone and Rebecca Menapace (Partners Healthcare)

Prof. Robert Bordone and Rebecca Menapace (Partners Healthcare)

For the first time in its short history, HNMCP is entering the business of filmmaking.

This summer, Professor Bordone ’97 and HNMCP Associate Toby Berkman ’10 will be completing work on a negotiation film project.  The project represents a collaboration among HNMCP, Harvard Law School Media Services, and the law firm WilmerHale.

It features Boston-area attorneys negotiating the “global access” provision of a technology license. Once it is completed, the film will be available as a teaching tool in Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Workshop, and will be available for purchase by outside groups. “Working on this film has been a ton of fun,” Bordone said. “The attorneys with whom we have worked have been incredibly professional and generous with their time.  We are particularly grateful to WilmerHale for funding the project, and to the Law School’s Media Services department for devoting so many hours of their time filming and editing. We hope that the film turns into a valuable learning tool for years to come.”

Prof. Robert Bordone and Toby Berkman

The film itself will include unscripted footage of attorneys negotiating and then reviewing their negotiation with Professor Bordone. By the time filming is complete, Bordone and Berkman will have compiled more than twenty hours of high definition footage.

“It was very important to us that the negotiations and the reviews be unscripted,” Professor Bordone said. “We want to capture these attorneys’ real, unfiltered reactions in the moment to make it as realistic as possible.”

According to Bordone, the genesis of the project was the success of the new negotiation simulation “Iqbal’s Big Venture” in the HLS Negotiation Workshop this spring. The new simulation, co-authored by Bordone and Berkman, proved to be one of the more poplar simulations in the course.

Christian Atwood (Choate, Hall & Stewart) and David Simon LLM’11 (HLS)

“We knew the time was ripe to make a new film, and then ‘Iqbal’s Big Venture’ became such a success in the spring, we just decided to go ahead and make it happen,” Bordone said.

From there, Berkman and Bordone began recruiting attorney volunteers to appear in the film. Attorneys from WilmerHale and Choate, Hall & Stewart volunteered, as did licensing professionals from Partners HealthCare. WilmerHale agreed to fund the project, and HLS Media Services agreed to do the video production. Filming has been taking place on the HLS campus throughout the spring and summer.t captions under this pic identifying us.

As of June 2012, a beta version of this video is now available for use in the classroom. Please visit the Harvard Law School Case Studies site.