Monday, September 14, 2015

HNMCP Blog Update

This past academic year, HNMCP staff and students initiated a new original blog. It features short pieces written by members of the HNMCP community on negotiation, conflict resolution, and current events. This fall and spring, topics ranged from negotiating with ISIS, to Pew polls and what they indicate about political polarization, to Pope Francis’s capacity as a great negotiator. Several HNMCP students contributed, reflecting on common ground between the Christian and LGBTQ communities, negotiations with Iran, and conflict resolution in a domestic dispute context.

In addition, the blog features a new original series, Dialogue and Demonstration. In response to events around the country in the wake of the shooting by police of Michael Brown, and many, many other African Americans, as well as the birth of the #blacklivesmatter movement, this feature is intended to be an outlet for faculty, student, and staff contributors to reflect on the role of alternative dispute resolution during times of activism and social change. Contributors share their thoughts on questions of identity, purpose, and role, both for themselves and for the field of ADR.

We encourage you to read, reflect, and share your own thoughts. We always welcome comments on the site or guest submissions. For questions or more information, please contact Sara del Nido Budish.