Thursday, June 28, 2012

HNMCP at the Harvard Negotiation Institute

During the first two weeks of June, the Program on Negotiation hosted the Harvard Negotiation Institute (HNI) on campus. HNI provides mediation and negotiation workshops for participants from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.  Several of this year’s workshops were led by HNMCP faculty, students, and alumni. On June 4-8, Professor Bordone led a 5-day Negotiation Workshop on “Strategies, Tools, & Skills for Success.” The Workshop included 89 participants from 26 different countries—ranging from Columbia to Qatar to New Zealand—and 15 U.S. states.  Participants were broken into four working groups led by Chad Carr ’06 (HLS Lecturer on Law and HNMCP Clinical Instructor), Florrie Darwin ’84 (HLS Lecturer on Law), Jeremy McClane ’02 (HLS Lecturer on Law and HNMCP Clinical Instructor), and Rachel Viscomi ’01 (Principal, Vantage Partners).

Daniel Doktori ’13 served as a teaching assistant for the workshop and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a group of individuals from such diverse backgrounds. “One of the most satisfying things about being a teaching assistant for the course was seeing how valuable the material was for even the most experienced negotiators.” He also noted the intensity of planning for and executing a five day workshop. “Despite being exhausting it was totally exhilarating and I know that the students in the course really appreciated the hard work put in preparing for them.”

Several HNMCP alumni also returned to serve as teaching assistants for other HNI workshops. Rachel Krol ’12 and Leah Kang ’12 taught in Bruce Patton’s “Improving Your Negotiating Effectiveness” Workshop from June 11-15.  Krista deBoer ’12 assisted Professor Bordone with his “Two-Day Intensive Negotiations for Lawyers and Executives.”

Dominic McGann, a partner at McCullough Robertson Lawyers in Brisbane, Australia, was one of the participants who traveled around the globe to participate in HNI. “My time at HNI was an unconditional delight. The workshop provided an intellectual outline for the conduct of negotiations and then enabled you to rehearse the skills necessary to be successful when negotiating. As someone who often negotiates in remote parts of the Australian Outback, I look forward to taking the lessons of the HNMCP to some places that even Google Earth struggles to find.”