Friday, January 25, 2013

Harvard Negotiation Law Review

The staff and members of the Harvard Negotiation Law Review (HNLR) had a productive and rewarding fall semester developing the journal’s eighteenth volume, preparing for the spring symposium, and enjoying social and career-related events.

HNLR’s upcoming spring publication features prominent scholars and practitioners writing on a variety of timely and interesting issues in the ADR field. Two of those articles help illustrate the range and depth of topics on which HNLR publishes. The first, by Professor Leonard Riskin of the University of Florida College of Law (currently a Visiting Professor at Northwestern University School of Law), will discuss the processes that can unfold internally for people engaged in an external conflict, i.e., the processes of mediation or negotiation taking place within an individual, which warrant as much attention as the external ADR processes between the two parties. Professor Riskin argues that such a model of the mind can help us better understand our internal processes so that we may, in turn, identify more effective external behaviors in response to conflict.

The second article, by The Pennsylvania State University professor Nancy Welsh and Professor Andrea Schneider of Marquette Law School, examines the potential for reforming the current system of investment treaty arbitration. For a variety of reasons, both states and investors increasingly advocate for mediation to supplement investor-state arbitration. This article draws upon dispute system design principles, socio-psychological research, procedural justice theories , and the U.S. experience with court-connected mediation to examine the efficacy of potential models of mediation and the characteristics an investment treaty system would need.

In addition to the unique exposure to contemporary scholarship and the chance to work with experts in the field, HNLR members benefit from partnerships with Harvard Negotiators and the Harvard Mediation Program throughout the fall semester. Joint events such as an Introductory ADR Night, an inter-organizational happy hour, and an ADR Careers Panel allowed students to explore opportunities in alternative dispute resolution at Harvard and beyond, as well as to connect with students who share similar passions about the field.

In the spring, we look forward to hosting the highlight of our year, our annual symposium, which attracts scholars and practitioners from around the country. We are honored to dedicate this year’s symposium to the life and work of the late Professor Roger D. Fisher, a pioneer in the field and co-founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation. This event will take place on Saturday, March 2, 2013, on the Harvard Law School campus and will feature an exploration of Fisher’s career, his impact on the field of ADR, and the future trajectory of that work in light of his legacy. We remain deeply grateful to Professor Bordone, Heather Kulp, and Jeremy McClane at HNMCP for their guidance and support throughout the planning process, and hope that all readers of the newsletter can join us for this special event. Please visit our website for additional details to be announced soon!

Apoorva Patel ‘13 is the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. Patel received his BA at Duke University, where he studied public policy, education, and psychology. He is a former President of the Harvard South Asian Law Students Association and was a member of HNMCP’s team working with the Chilean Ministry of Justice in 2011–2012. He will join Hughes Hubbard & Reed in New York City after graduation.