Friday, March 13, 2015

Fall 2014 Projects

Team CRS Visit to DoJ - lo resCommunity Relations Service, Department of Justice

The Community Relations Service (CRS) serves as “America’s Peacemaker” for the U.S. Department of Justice, helping local communities address community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, national origin and other categories. This project will help CRS determine the conflict resolution needs for the nation in light of an expanded mandate from Congress and will provide recommendations on how CRS may position itself to best impact the country in the 21st century.

Read the full project description here.

K4P Final PresentationKids4Peace

Kids4Peace (K4P) is a global youth movement that works to end conflict and inspire hope in divided societies around the world by providing youth programming on interfaith dialogue, leadership development and nonviolent action. Challenges can sometimes occur in the planning and on-site implementation of this programming. Students from HNMCP will conduct an assessment of K4P’s internal dispute resolution capacity and make recommendations to improve staff communication, collaboration, and dispute resolution practices.

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IMG_20141204_132342712New Hampshire Superior Court

The Superior Court is a statewide court of general jurisdiction and provides jury trials in civil and criminal cases. HNMCP students will evaluate the settlement judge pilot project, which is part of a developing statewide Felony Case Flow plan. In the pilot, during the early stages of criminal cases, the cases are assessed for referral to the settlement judge. The settlement judge then engages the parties in a process that may open the way to a resolution, including a plea. After the evaluation, students will make recommendations to the Court for how to improve protocols and structure to meet the program’s goals more effectively.

Read the full project description here.

PSU - lo resPennsylvania State University

The Sustainability Institute (SI) at Pennsylvania State University was formed by combining several different and dispersed efforts and focuses on bringing together teaching, learning, translation, operations, and communication on critical issues related to sustainability. HNMCP will provide a recommended design for a community/stakeholder engagement process that is scalable and transferable to a number of high‐level resource challenges such as energy planning, climate action planning, and water management involving both the university and the community.

Read the full project description here.

Seeds Final Presentation 2 - lo resSeeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace (SoP) is a non‐profit organization that inspires and equips young leaders from regions and communities of conflict with the relationships, critical understanding, and skills needed to create positive change and advance lasting peace. Continuing its long and productive relationship with SoP, HNMCP will create and conduct a training for 30‐40 Maine and Syracuse Junior Seeds in mediation, communication, and negotiation to empower and equip them to better leverage their influence, activate their leadership, continue their self‐learning and reflection, and harness the power of their own identities and relationships in their work to transform their communities.

Read the full project description here.

TBWA Field Visit 3 - lo resTBWA

TBWA is a top 10 global advertising agency network. TBWA strives to work with a diverse supplier chain and to meet the requests of clients who require that a percentage of the supplier chain be certified Multicultural\Women Business Enterprises (MWBEs). HNMCP students will review the certification processes, conduct a stakeholder assessment with diverse suppliers that certify, those that do not, and those that do not know about certification, and give strategic negotiation advice about how to address client, supplier, and TBWA interests around engaging MWBEs.

Read the full project description here.