Friday, March 13, 2015

Director’s Letter

S13 Newsletter - Robert BordoneDear Friends,

I am writing from my temporary office at the New York University School of Law where I am enjoying my first sabbatical after sixteen years of teaching in both semesters. It’s hard being away from the energy and dynamism of students, faculty, and staff at the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP), but I am thankful for the chance to rejuvenate after many years of hard work building HNMCP, now in its eighth year.

Before escaping the Boston snow for the relative “warmth” of New York, and with the indispensable help of HNMCP Clinical Fellow Sara del Nido ’13, I launched a new blog that features occasional thoughts from me, other members of the HNMCP team, and, most recently, some of our students. Responding to events in Ferguson and New York, this winter we also launched a special series called “Dialogue and Demonstration” on our blog page. I invite you to peruse these entries and I welcome your reactions and comments. Though I will contribute to the blog only sporadically during my sabbatical, I hope that the project will become a way for members of the extended HNMCP community to carry on fruitful conversations about negotiation and mediation both in the world of theory and in the world of practice.

Six projects this fall allowed us to delve deep into the assessment and strengthening of dispute resolution systems in our nation’s government and a state superior court system, as well as assist educational and non-profit organizations hone their individual and collective negotiation skills and tactics.

We have also been busy writing and publishing in the past few months. HNMCP Assistant Director Rachel Viscomi ’01 and I co-wrote two pieces, one for the Dispute Resolution Magazine and one for Negotiation Journal this past summer and fall. In addition, under my supervision, Anna Gressel ’14 wrote a wonderful new multiparty negotiation case, Hesperia that is now available at the HLS Case Studies Center. Sara del Nido, Clinical Instructor and Lecturer on Law Alonzo Emery ’10, and I are also putting the finishing touches on a new case that we hope to launch later this spring.

This past summer we bid farewell to beloved Clinical Instructor Chad Carr ’06, who completed his term and moved just across the Charles River to join our colleagues at Vantage Partners as a Senior Consultant. Filling Chad’s shoes is the able Heather Kulp, who was promoted to the rank of Clinical Instructor and Lecturer on Law after serving for two years as a Clinical Fellow. We are excited to have her now supervising projects and teaching in the Spring “Negotiation Workshop.” In addition to these duties, Heather continues to contribute to the larger field of dispute resolution—the Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal published Heather’s article A Tightrope Over Both Your Houses: Ensuring Party Participation and Preserving Mediation’s Core Values in Foreclosure Mediation.

I am also delighted that Alonzo Emery was named as a Fellow in the National Committee on U.S.–China Relations’ Public Intellectual Program. “As the United States and China become increasingly inter-connected, citizens from these nations will benefit from greater mutual understanding,” notes Alonzo.

In August, we welcomed April Pettit to the HNMCP family as she began her tenure as the “Negotiation Workshop” Coordinator, taking the reins from the amazing Jessica MacDonald who left us to begin her assignment in Lagos, Nigeria working for the U.S. State Department in the foreign service. April is a 2013 graduate of New England School of Law and the former Event Operations Supervisor in the Events Office of HLS.

Finally, Kyle Glover ’10 was appointed a Lecturer on Law to teach the “Negotiation Workshop” this spring. Kyle is a former Chair of Harvard Negotiators and former Vice President of the Harvard Mediation Program. As a student at HLS, Kyle led students’ efforts in lobbying then-Dean Elena Kagan for an expansion of Harvard’s negotiation teaching program. Kyle is currently an associate at Pierce Atwood LLP in Portland, Maine.

I hope the stories in our newsletter give you a taste of the tremendous and ever-growing level of energy and activity at HNMCP. Grateful as I am for a chance to recharge during a sabbatical, I look forward to returning to HLS this summer and building upon the momentum we have created in a number of domains, including expanding our capacity in training lawyers for group facilitation.

We are excited to hear updates—personal and professional—from our alums and our clients. So please keep in touch.

Warm Regards,
Robert Bordone - Informal Signature


Robert C. Bordone ’97
Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor
Director, Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program