Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clinical Fellow Heather Kulp Publishes on the Efficacy of Foreclosure Dispute Resolution

In its Spring 2013 issue the Arkansas Law Review published “A (Mortgage) Crisis in Communication: Foreclosure Dispute Resolution as Effective Response,” 66 ARK. L. REV. 186(2013), co-authored by HNMCP Clinical Fellow Heather Scheiwe Kulp.

This study stems from Heather’s work at the Center for Conflict Resolution/Resolution Systems Institute as a Skadden Fellow, a two-year grant funded by the Skadden Fellowship Foundation. Heather, and her co-author Jennifer Shack, analyze foreclosure dispute resolution program variables, giving an overview of system designs and goals and examining currently available statistics. They note the importance of strong case management, call for better reporting, and make recommendations for improving current systems with an eye towards best practices.

Congratulations, Heather!