Thursday, November 8, 2018

2018 HNMCP Art Contest

Magnetic Fridge Poetry by Steve Johnson via Flickr

For this year’s annual art contest (the fifth of its kind), HNMCP invited original works of poetry that engaged themes of conflict, polarization, and dialogue.

The clinic believes that expressive arts have a unique ability to deepen practitioners’ appreciation for and understanding of the complex world of conflict resolution and management. Moreover, the practice of creative expression is itself a form of peacebuilding. It involves activating the imagination, perspective-taking, and human agency in creating and working towards the world we want, not only the world that is.

The theme for poets to respond to was: “us, them, and everything in between”. Given the clinic’s commitment to genuine engagement and dialogue amidst political polarization, this theme was a way to invite voices into the conversation about dialogue.

Of the thirty-five varied and inspiring entries, three were selected as winners of the contest. These poems will be printed and featured on the walls of the HNMCP suite. You can read them here:

1st Place: Un-Alone in the Woods by Elizabeth Frank

2nd Place: Us? Them by Howard dePass

3rd Place: Us by Lupin Thurrott