Advanced Negotiation: Multiparty Negotiation, Group Decision Making, and Teams

All lawyers work in environments that present opportunities to work with multiple parties – whether across the table, behind the table, or as colleagues on a team or in a group.  This workshop will explore the special challenges and complexities of multiparty negotiation, group decision-making, and working collaboratively in teams.  Using simulations, large- and small-group discussions, exercises, lectures, video recording, reflective journals, and extensive work in small teams, the workshop is designed to help students engage with frameworks, tools, and perspectives that will allow them to become more intentional and effective lawyers in multiparty settings in the future.

Topics addressed will include: process design and management in a multiparty context, coalition dynamics and strategy, preparation methods, decision rules for groups, the role of emotions and identity, managing constituencies, and facilitation, among others.

For purposes of arranging multiparty class simulations, all class sessions are mandatory.

Prerequisites: Negotiation Workshop

S23 HLS Course Catalog Information

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