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Volume X - Issue I

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Newsletter X, Issue I: A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends, As our 10th anniversary year winds down, it seems to me that the work we do in and around the more effective handling of conflict is needed more than ever in our country and in our world. HNMCP is re-doubling its efforts to build theory from practice, to train students to be creative… More

HNMCP 10th Anniversary Symposium Explores a Dynamic Field and Growing Impact

On November 5, 2016, the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) at Harvard Law School celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a public symposium that was both retrospective and prospective, addressing the clinic’s foundational focus on dispute systems design, as well as looking at the role of facilitation and political dialogue. The symposium was hosted by Robert… More

Reflections on the Intersection of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Activism

By Lisa Dicker ‘17 and Amrita Narine ‘17   On the surface, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and activism may appear to be in tension with each other. The former generally seeks to resolve conflicts through collaborative agreements, while the latter is often a public, vigorous campaign for one side. However, despite their apparent differences, there… More

Harvard Community Dialogues

Seeing that a deep need persists in the Harvard community and beyond for spaces of trust, curiosity, and low-risk engagement with others on politically divisive issues, this spring HNMCP continued to innovate programming through its political dialogue initiative by offering a series of Harvard Community Dialogues. These dialogues convened students, staff, faculty and community members… More

Ada Tse ’91 and James Yang support the Negotiation Workshop

This story first appeared on the Harvard Law School website.   Harvard Law School is pleased to announce that a $1 million gift from Ada Tse ’91 and James Yang through their family’s YangTse Foundation will expand and enhance the Law School’s signature Negotiation Workshop, an intensive course that combines theory and practice to improve students’ understanding of… More

Student Spotlight—Patricia Alejandro ’17

It might seem like a long way from her birth in Cuba to the halls of Harvard Law School, but ever since she read Roger Fisher’s Getting to Yes as a sophomore in college, Patricia Alejandro ’17 had her sights set on law school, as well as Fisher’s legacy, as grown and cultivated by the… More

Alumnus Spotlight—Toby Berkman ’10

We caught up with Toby Berkman ’10, a two-time HNMCP clinic student, and current dispute resolution professional, for our alumnus spotlight this year. During his years at Harvard Law School, Berkman also served as a student mediator in the Harvard Mediation Program, as a Teaching Assistant for the Negotiation Workshop, and after graduation, as the… More

Syllabus for “Political Dialogue in Polarizing Times: Election 2016” Now Publicly Posted

The Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) has made its new syllabus on political dialogue publicly available on the Berkman Center’s class tools website, H20. Inspired by the success of our reading group on Political Dialogue in Polarizing Times: Election 2016, HNMCP Director and Clinical Professor Bob Bordone ‘97 and Assistant Director and Lecturer Rachel Viscomi ’01 hope that this list of… More

Building Capacity Without Losing Capacity: Legal Change and Dispute Resolution in Bhutan

In the spring of 2016 HNMCP engaged with the newly forming Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law (JSW Law) in Bhutan to examine the practices of local, traditional dispute resolvers, and to help JSW Law think through how formal judicial institutions—which have been the subject of large-scale capacity building initiatives following Bhutan’s transition to democracy in 2008—can complement, rather than… More

Winners Announced in the Fourth Annual Art Competition

This spring, the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) held its fourth annual art competition. The motivation behind the contest is our belief that creative expressions of conflict resolution promote and advance peace itself. HNMCP builds community around conflict resolution skills and practice, and we want our space to reflect our values. We seek… More

On the Road

HNMCP Director Prof. Bob Bordone and Asst. Director Rachel Viscomi traveled to San Francisco in April for the ABA Dispute Resolution Section Conference. They were joined by HLS alums Toby Berkman ’10 and Danielle Bart ’13, both HNMCP students during their law school tenures, for a presentation on the political dialogue initiative that Prof. Bordone… More


HNMCP has released several new negotiation simulations that can be purchased for use in the classroom through the Harvard Law School Case Studies website. YNMCP is our new role play set at a leading clothing company in need of dispute systems design. The simulation allows students the opportunity to practice identifying stakeholders, conducting interviews, facilitating… More

Class Notes

Zeke Reich ’10 writes, “Living in Washington DC with my wife and two (!) small kids. I’m a psychotherapist/social worker at a community mental health clinic—and yes, I know it’s not a “conflict resolution” job, but not a week goes by that I’m not drawing on insights and tools I learned in HNMCP/Negotiation Workshop, from… More