U.S. Marines Corps Legal Assistance Office, Camp Pendelton

Semester: 2017 Fall

Students: Neha Singh & Qi Zhang

The Marine Corps Legal Assistance Office (LAO) at Camp Pendleton, CA provides free mediation services to uniformed service members, their family members and dependents, and retirees who are seeking a divorce or legal separation.

Marine Corps judge advocates and civilian personnel in the LAO serve as mediators to help the parties reach a marital settlement agreement. HNMCP will review and evaluate the LAO’s current mediation practices and recommend improvements and best practices designed to help the Office mediate these disputes more effectively.

Activities & Deliverables Envisioned

  • Review program resources and materials and conduct stakeholder assessment of current/past mediators, past parties, Staff Judge Advocates, and other key stakeholders;
  • Observe mediations (with party permission);
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of the LAO’s current mediation practices;
  • Prepare a report identifying proposed improvements and best practices to enhance the effectiveness of the LAO’s divorce mediation program.
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