Feinberg Group


Semester: 2008 Fall

Students: Erin Walczewski, Erin Katzen, Nevin Kamath and Sam Prevatt

The Feinberg Group, LLP is the foremost law firm in the nation specializing in the negotiated resolution of complex legal disputes. It has played a leading role in major class actions, bankruptcies, and private commercial disputes.

Currently, the unsettled real estate market, with high risk of default for mortgage holders and increasing risk of foreclosure, requires a new assessment of the sub-prime mortgage crisis stakeholder. The Feinburg Group is aware that this climate of instability within the real estate market calls for an innovative approach. For this reason, Ken Feinberg, Special Master for the 9/11 Compensation Fund, is working with HNMCP students to create the model for a more effective dispute management system for use with financial institutions and regulators in the months ahead.

Our work

Step 1: Research the US mortgage crisis and analyze the findings.

Step 2: After considering all possible key players, conduct comprehensive informant interviews.

Step 3: Disaggregate and analyze relevant parties, dividing them into representative subcategories.

Final Product

A sophisticated analysis and comprehensive report of the current US mortgage crisis and corresponding dispute management structure, a summary of best practices for a future dispute management model, and presentation of these deliverables to a target audience.

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