Seeds of Peace

Semester: 2011 Fall

Students: Rachel Krol, Krystyna Wamboldt

Seeds of Peace (SoP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of lasting peace in regions of conflict, primarily the Middle East and South Asia.

Its mission is to help young people develop the relationships, understanding, courage, and leadership skills necessary to advance reconciliation and coexistence. SoP’s current three-year Junior Leadership Program equips high potential youth in conflict regions with the assets and abilities required for effective leadership in peace-building. Program graduates may apply to become “Peer Leaders” to gain advanced leadership training and take on greater responsibility for guiding and supporting younger alumni. SoP plans to offer basic training in mediation and negotiation to Peer Leaders and has contracted HNMCP to develop and deliver that training to approximately 30–40 Peer Leaders from the Middle East region.

Our Work

  • Researching and adapting mediation and negotiation techniques for a youth audience
  • Consulting with SoP alumni, staff, and other practitioners to shape the curriculum to the needs and interests of youth living in active conflict regions (particularly the Middle East)

Final Product

  • Training of Peer Leaders (aged 16–17) living in active conflict regions in basic mediation and negotiation techniques
  • Curriculum and instructional guide for SoP staff to use in future training


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