Seeds of Peace

Semester: 2018 Spring

Students: Bridget Power & Jared Small

Seeds of Peace is a non‐profit organization that inspires and cultivates new generations of global leaders in communities divided by conflict.

For 25 years, Seeds of Peace has been preparing young leaders in the Middle East, South Asia, the U.S., and Europe to make economic, social, and political changes that can transform conflict in and between their home communities. The work begins by bringing young people (“Seeds”) and educators from across these regions together at a summer camp in Maine and continues with leadership development initiatives and other programming in the region.

Increasingly, Seeds and educators in the Middle East have expressed difficulty creating productive spaces for communication and engagement in their school buildings once they return home from camp, particularly during escalations in violence and conflict. Seeds has engaged HNMCP to conduct stakeholder assessments in order to explore the ways that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and conflict in general, show up in schools in the region and how Seeds of Peace might play more of a role in helping students, educators, and schools engage conflict more effectively.

Activities & Deliverables

  • Interviews with students and educators from 3-4 schools;
  • Interviews with relevant Seeds of Peace staff;
  • Potential literature review and/or consultation with experts to identify best practices or methodologies within school settings, either in the Palestinian-Israeli context or other active conflict areas;
  • A written report, to include:
    • Stakeholder assessment with students and educators from 3-4 schools;
    • Summary of the ways in which conflict arises in the schools, how they currently contend with those issues, and challenges and needs expressed by students and educators;
    • Recommendations for how Seeds of Peace could support the creation of productive spaces for conflict and engagement in these schools, particularly during periods of escalated violence.
  • A video or phone teleconference to debrief about the project and review the principal findings and recommendations.
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