Seeds of Peace

Semester: 2013 Fall

Students: Caitlin Hewes & Sasha Pippenger

Seeds of Peace (SoP) is a non-profit organization committed to inspiring and equipping young leaders from regions of conflict with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance lasting peace.

Seeds of Peace’s leadership model, which begins with a transformational experience at their internationally-recognized summer camp in Maine and continues through year-round local programming, equips high potential youth in conflict regions (namely, the Middle East and South Asia) with the assets and abilities required for effective leadership in peace-building. As part of their advanced leadership training SoP has contracted HNMCP to develop and deliver a basic training in mediation to its South Asian Senior and Graduate Seeds group—approximately 30 Afghan, Indian, and Pakistani youth—as well as develop a teaching guide so SoP staff can continue to deliver this training in the future.

This training will support Seeds to act 1) as peer mediators in their schools, 2) helping to mediate group dialogues between other youth in conflict, and 3) in SoP programs involving mediation of core conflict issues. The training curriculum will also be supplemented by an instructional guide so that staff can lead the training, or elements thereof, in the future.


  • Researching and adapting mediation techniques to build a basic curriculum to train youth (aged 18 and older) living in active conflict regions
  • Consulting with SoP alumni, staff and other practitioners to shape the curriculum to the needs and interests of youth living in active conflict regions (particularly South Asia)
  • Delivery of training in the region
  • Instructional guide on delivery of training









































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