Restorative Response Baltimore

Semester: 2018 Fall

Students: Eric Herst and Malorie Frayssinet

Restorative Response Baltimore (RRB) is a conflict resolution and community building organization that provides ways for people to collectively and effectively resolve and prevent conflict. A primary focus of their work in Baltimore over the last twenty years has been preventing school push out and thwarting the school-to-prison pipeline. In line with this mission, RRB works with schools to implement restorative practices to help transform school environments and create communities that interact and work together in ways that center in emotional intelligence and understanding one another.

Believing that restorative practices work best when both teachers and students are trained, RRB has engaged HNMCP to develop a course curriculum for students to grow in emotional intelligence, gain self-perspective, and learn how to build stronger relationships — all of which are foundational elements to support the use of restorative practices in their schools.

Activities & Deliverables

  • Research current best practices;
  • Develop an understanding of the underlying needs that need to be met for restorative practices to take hold in school communities;
  • Develop curriculum and accompanying student workbook (with a focus on 4th and 5th grades);
  • Envision an action plan for implementation of the curriculum by a school.
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