Prison Fellowship

Semester: 2014 Spring

Students: Michaela Kromer, Andrew Mamo, Anna Alriksson

Prison Fellowship (PF) partners with local churches and nonprofit organizations to meet the spiritual, physical, and personal needs of prisoners and their families. Through their Justice Fellowship program they work to reform the criminal justice system so communities are safer, victims are respected, and offenders are transformed.

Using innovative strategies, PF is launching a Wardens Program designed to help prison managers become transformational leaders in the moral rehabilitation of inmates. However, wardens cannot transform prison culture by themselves. They require the active participation and support of Directors/Secretaries of Corrections, Governor’s offices, legislators, and even the inmates and the public. HNMCP will design a multi-stakeholder consensus-building process by which these different stakeholders can come together, carefully consider possible systemic reform of prison culture, and propose how stakeholders might collaborate to make this happen.

Deliverables envisioned

  • Stakeholder assessment;
  • Recommendation on consensus-building efforts in the areas of laws, regulations, and policies, and more generally the concept of moral rehabilitation;
  • Possibly convene and moderate the consensus-building dialogue.

Client Visit

Prison Fellowship Client Visit 2Prison Fellowship Client Visit 1

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